well, this is new.

You're probably used to the older version of my site. It had two sidebars and thin serifs. The home page was designed like a book's table of contents. It was nice, but I got tired of how crowded it looked.

That design was the result of me thinking too much about navigation, how do you make it easy to jump around my site, getting where you want to go as fast as possible. This version is focused on content, readability and performance.


That was a lie. The real reason for the switch was my desire for sidenotes on desktop viewports. My conversations are usually full of sidenotes, I wanted my site to have them too. And now I do; beautiful little margin notes that can contain everything from images to quotes.


Currently: Polishing up a site for Pradyumna.



Bad Advice


Blog Design

Layouts, content, tech, etc.

Lifting & Bodybuilding

It's not that hard, really.

Pro Tips

Helpful suggestions, or so I hope.

Lists & Highlights

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Telegram-based, customizable, micro-blogging platform.


Web app for tracking iterations of do100things projects.


A collection of NetNewsWire themes, designed for readability.


Web-based text editor for recording meeting minutes



An attempt to record 100 short instrumentals. Begun in June, 2021.

Four Feet

Favourite single from my two-man band, Kitchen Inc.