A really blurry mirror selfie of me

I have a newsletter that is read by some pretty cool people. My posts don't really have a common theme, other than the fact that I write about things that I think are fun. Some of the good ones:

What Do Your Ideas Want From You?
The Problem of Too Much Money
Form is Fake

You can browse the longer list of selected writing on the Essays page.


I've made some things for the web. And I plan to make a few more.

Do 100 Things — Track and share your attempts at doing a 100 reps of... literally anything.
Linkbasket — Create a one-page location for link collections you want to share, with descriptions and topics. Here's mine
Oblique — A collection of Brian Eno's Oblique Strategies.
Hypertext as Literature — Some of my favourite internet writing.


Four Feet is the latest release from Kitchen Inc. a musical collaboration with one of my friends, most of which happened on an iPad. A more personal music project is my attempt at creating 100 instrumental songs. I'm currently at 41/100, after starting in June of 2021.