these days, most of what i do involves websites.

The thing that pays most of my bills is designing and developing personal websites for other people. This is something I’m uniquely good at; I spend a lot of time thinking about personal websites. More details on that part of my work is available on the WEBCRAFT site. It includes notes on my process, portfolio of past projects, and pricing tiers.

I also have Github,, and Twitter accounts. The last one is where it’s easiest to contact me. But if you prefer email for personal correspondence, send me letters at judah@joodaloop[dot]com instead.

If you want to know what I’m upto right now, I’ve put up my plan for the next 4 months as a post on the Stream page.

i might as well talk about this new site design

The previous design was the result of me thinking too much about navigation, how do you make it easy to jump around my site, getting where you want to go as fast as possible. This version is focused on content, readability and performance.

That was a lie. The real reason for the switch was my desire for sidenotes on desktop viewports. My conversations are usually full of sidenotes, I wanted my site to have them too. And now I do; beautiful little margin notes that can contain everything from images to quotes.

There is now a search bar accessible on every page by hitting CMD + K on desktop or double-tapping on mobile. Of course, you can still run your searches on the Search page, which includes a complete index of the whole site.

At first, I wanted my site to be a comprehensive collection of everything that I wanted to put online, but then I decided some things need their own special layout. So I started working on a bunch of mini-sites. Now this is a place for everything that doesn’t deserve it’s own site (yet).



Bad Advice


Lifting & Bodybuilding

Some ideas around the goal of putting on muscle.

Pro Tips

Helpful suggestions, or so I hope.

Reading Lists

Don't mind me, I'm just dropping off some hyperlinks.

To-do list strategies

How I handle task planning and it's many failure modes.

Lists & Highlights

Anti-library Aphorisms / Epigrams Blogroll Glossary Idea Lists Mac app studios Project Watchlist Quotes Software I Like Twitter Bookmarks Ways To Display Text


Hypertext Literature

Internet writers and their best posts.


The Oblique Strategies, y'know?

Sites I'd Like To Make

Concepts, sketches, and ideas for the kinds of sites you could hire me to make.


Blog from a chat app.

Web app for tracking iterations of do100things projects.


A collection of NetNewsWire themes, designed for readability.


Web-based text editor for recording meeting minutes.



An attempt to record 100 short instrumentals. Begun in June, 2021.

Four Feet

Favourite single from my two-man band, Kitchen Inc.