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I’m not going to introduce myself because I prefer semi-anonymity and keeping my face off the public internet as much as possible (for reasons). Instead, here’s the things you should know…

I make really good personal websites for people, at WEBCRAFT. This is important because it pays my bills. I used to write essays at BeWrong, and will get back to it someday soon.

The best software thing I’ve made is called streams.place, it lets people blog from the Telegram messaging app. I use it all the time, and so do other people. The best thing I’ve made in real life is probably this song.

What else? I spend most of my time thinking about the web, information, personal computing, and my friends. I have some long term plans for tool-making that I call the Tool Factory project.

Here are my Github and Twitter accounts. The last one is where it’s easiest to contact me. But if you prefer email for personal correspondence, send me letters at judah@joodaloop[dot]com instead.

about this site

The previous design was the result of me thinking too much about navigation, how do you make it easy to jump around my site, getting where you want to go as fast as possible. This version is focused on content, readability and performance.

There are a few things that are neat about it’s design, like the sidenotes on desktop, and the search bar accessible on every page by hitting CTRL + K on desktop or double-tapping on mobile. Of course, you can still run your searches on the Search page, which includes a complete index of the whole site.



Bad Advice Twitter Bookmarks Software I Like


Twitter Bookmarks

Updated on 7 December, 2023


Updated on 22 October, 2023

Reading Lists

Updated on 18 October, 2023

To-do List Strategies

Updated on 17 October, 2023

Pro Tips

Updated on 10 October, 2023


Hypertext Literature

Internet writers and their best posts.


The Oblique Strategies, y'know?

Sites I'd Like To Make

Concepts, sketches, and ideas for the kinds of sites you could hire me to make.



Start blogging from a chat app. a.k.a. the best thing I've ever made for the internet.


Web app for keeping count of progress on do100things projects.


Web app to convert and subset fonts to the hyper-efficient WOFF2 format.


A collection of NetNewsWire themes, designed for readability.


Web-based text editor with timestamp insertion features.



An attempt to record 100 short instrumentals. Begun in June, 2021.

Four Feet

Favourite single from my two-man band, Kitchen Inc.