Yes, I make websites. Usually personal sites, designed for displaying writing. I handle everything from design to development, to assistance with deployment. I call this service WEBCRAFT.

You can hire me if you like sites that don’t look like most modern websites. If you like simple (but non-boring) sites that are made to last. That look great without a ton of investment into graphic assets and fancy tools. Sites for humans, if you will.

I also do other stuff, which is what the rest of this site is for. But WEBCRAFT is what pays my bills, hence the sales pitch.

Welcome to the 2024 redesign

It has both dark mode and font options (if you can find the toggles), a way simpler design system, and makes for a cleaner reading experience. For more details, check out the Colophon.

The content on this site is not supposed to be fancy. I have no visual portfolio, or desire to showcase my animation skills (I have none). Most things are just simple text, and I like it that way.

To figure out: Add search functionality.



Streams – A micro-blogging platform, built on a chat app.

do100things – A minimal, themeable, tracker for Do 100 Things attempts.


Printdex – Convert Github Issues and Markdown lists to printable index cards.

Minutes – Plaintext editor with automated timestamps.


Mezzanine – Bulletin board, for friends and mutuals. DM to be considered for invites.

Hypertext as Literature – My favourite internet writers, selected works.

Map of my Internet – My favourite places on the interwebs.

Things You Can Add To A Personal Site – An index, a catalogue, a collection-in-progress.

WEBCRAFT – Portfolio and process explainer for my design services.

Mac App Directory – MacOS apps that are good, a collection.