I’m going to redo this page to include my favourite pieces from each writer, but until then, here’s the simple list.

Secretorumweird ideas, metascience, cults
Experimental Historypsychology, more weird ideas, culture
The McLegibilistcommunication theory, humans, metascience, the inexact sciences
The Inexact Sciencescommunication, philosophy, langauge, social dynamics, illegible science
Subpixel Spaceinternet culture, media, the wonderful web, lots and lots of cool stuff
Robin Sloanbooks, modern life, short stories, creative computing, the internet
Things Of Interestcode, time, science fiction
Egg Reportphilosophy, culture, short stories, armchair psychology
Sasha Chapinphilosophy, culture, short stories, armchair psychology
On the Spectrum, on the Guest List.applied sociology, bangers one-liners
Mythical Strengthlifting, training, rants, raves, getting stronger
Default Wisdominternet history, millennial nostalgia, media ecology, fandom and fan studies, wisdom & advice
Numb at the Lodgeculture, the dying internet, pseudepigrapha, essays, manifestos, satyrs and screeds.
samzdatmodern society, half-truths, quantification, occassional nihilism
Hotel Conciergepsychology, people, culture critique, possible TLP alt
Samstacksocial science, EA, philosopy, forecasting, interesting miscellania
Overthinking Everything + Notebookgood advice, thinking, estimation, being human
Dan Wangannual letters, technology, China, the secure transport of light
Dan Luucomputers, productivity, tech culture, benchmarking
chiefofstufftech, operating, careers, fun stuff
Commoncogbusiness expertise, learning, careers, 50% academic / 50% practical
The Difffinance, technology, inflections
Kalzumeus + BAMmarketting, software, SaaS, careers, financial infrastucture
nadia.xyztech and OSS culture, co-ordination, ideas, philanthropy, notes
Strange Loop Canoneconomics, technology, science, society, a science of business
The Honest Brokermusic, history, culture, internet publishing
Table Stakeslaw, regulation, policy, realness, vignettes
Putanumonitmath, rationalism, economics, dating, numbers and bell curves
Information Processingstatistics, genomics, science, economics, optimism of the will
Don't Worry About The Vasegame theory, rationality, philosophy, economics and trading
Axiom of Chancemath, science, statistics, systems
SLIME MOLD TIME MOLDmad science, epistemics, experiments, bad hypotheses.
Bzogrammingcomputer science, neuroscience, math, programming weirdness
Desystemizephilosophy, details and date, decisions, more philosophy,
Qualia Computingqualia, cognitive science, consciousness engineering

Bonus Reading

Melting AsphaltKneeling BusComputer ThingsThe Inrinsic PerspectiveKyla ScanlonMoontowerSimon SarrisPfeilstorchSubconsciousThe DiffCURZIISMvisakanvGwernsympathetic oppositionThe Scholar's Stage