My essays are published through the Be Wrong newsletter. I send out posts at least once a month, which is around how long it takes for me to ensure that it's a good essay.

“I always want to have a big idea to leave you with, as a small token in return for the time of yours that I'm wasting. I believe that I have a lot of neat ideas, but once I'm too conscious of it, I realise that to make up for the colossal price you're paying, it has to be a really, really, really neat idea.” Egg Report

This is the deal I make with my readers. I might not be the best writer you could be reading, but I've gotten pretty good. And I refuse to publish anything that wouldn't be fun to read.

Author's Picks

These are the pieces I think have held up well over time, ranked in descending order of favouriteness. Topics include social dynamics, ideas that are alive, good form, and grand theories of everything. And some econ, of course.

What Do Your Ideas Want From You? — are you being used by your ideas, do you want to be?

The Problem of Too Much Money — yes, it’s a real thing. yes, i wish i had that problem too.

Markets Are Kinda Fake — truly efficient distribution has never been tried.

Form is Fake — you don't have to do it that way + a case for rule-skepticism.

Apologies as Signalling — nervous hedging or signifier of taste?

The Expected Value of Friendships — there's still alpha in friendships + other financial analogies.

A Speech I would Like To Give Undergrads — on slow rebellions + avoiding little leagues + doing better.

The Desert Island Test — a thought experiment in mimetic desire + the nebulous nature of wants.

Why We Haven't Solved Everything — a taxonomy for problems + human-complete problems + why they'll always be around.

Network States and the Nature of the Firm — what Coase might have had to say about starting a bunch of new countries.


The writers in this list are people who's writing I am always excited to recieve new installments of.

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