Idea Lists

This genre of page remains one of perrenial fascinations. The ideas may not always be of the best quality, but they tell you more than you’d expect about the writer’s quality of thinking, and what their circle of competence looks like.

If you don’t have your own Ideas page, I suggest trying to make one. It’s fun.

Project Ideas

From Justin Duke, software-related product ideas with reasonable scope.

Adjacent Possible

Novel possibilities for digital interfaces.

The DailyWebThing Archives – Ideas

Around 500 or so odd links/

Internet Research Tools

List of ideas for better web browsing, from Tyler Angert.

One Hundred Ideas For Computing

A vision for how computing could be. There are newer, better lists at ideas2, ideas3, and ideas4

Major Future Innovations

List of innovations which, if successful, will dramatically improve our society, from (Harsimony]

Random Ideas I Want To See Built

Short list from Mathurah

Free ideas

From Carolyn Zhang

Startup Ideas

I’m not sure if Gwern is being completely serious here, but these do seem fun.

Idea Adoption Center

Concepts I can’t raise, but I think should exist. (Anson Yu)

Some Interesting Ideas I’ve Come Across

A different kind of ideas page!

The List of ideas by ideas guy.

Total Ideas: 3,884