Plans & Ideas

Some of these ideas are for improving things. Some are for making things worse. I'm not going to tell you which ones are which.

Some of these plans seem pretty sensible. Some seem kinda ridiculous. The latter ones are the plans I take most seriously.

Everything I Know About X

If I ever start a YouTube channel, this is what I want it to be:

  1. Long-ish videos (30m - 1 hour) of me explaining everything I know about a topic that I have no "real" expertise in.
  2. The camera points downwards on large sheet of paper (or whiteboard) that I draw on while talking.
  3. Minimal editing, but keep the audio and video quality high.

The point is not to provide a particularly accurate or well-thought-out lecture, but the kind of personal perspective only a fairly experienced amateur can give. Stuff that isn't exactly the right method, or idiosyncratic enough to be useless to most people.

True experts have a really specialised understanding of their field, and have usually long since forgotten what it's like to be new to it. More importantly, they have an "expert's duty" to say only what they believe is true, and is usually common knowledge.

Until I do get around to doing this, I'll try to add posts to the Useful page. If you try something like this, please send it to me, I'd love to see it.

26th December 2022

Designing the ideal wallet

Think about all the things that make physical wallets great.

23th December 2022

Ideas for cooler websites

What kind of website would Chaucer make? What about a Pharaoh? What would a 1600s colonial town hall want to make? A Vienna coffeehouse from the same time period? Where is the Pyramids of Giza of websites? What is the Cathedral of Notre Dame or Temple of Artemis of websites? Where is the web Acropolis! โ€” Simon Sarris

Like what if each page was really a frame on an infinite canvas? What if your site was actually a lil OS? What if each page had changing weather and climates? โ€” Paco Coursey

20th December 2022

Building a kitchen-table internet

The hard part is stumbling across the people you want to bump into.

The Forest, kognise's webring.

9th December 2022

Site generation, but without a static site generator

I wanted to keep this site as easy to work with as possible, and so I chose to not use a site generator becasue I keep forgeting syntax and directory structure rules. However, there's some things that you usually need an SSG for:

But since I've chosen "No using an SSG" as a hard constraint for how I want to build this site, I've had to use certain (often imperfect) workarounds:

I wish there were cleaner ways to do without an SSG, especially for things like meta tags and URL management. But I've managed to make my hack-y solutions work so far. In the end, each page has at most three dependencies (one stylesheet, two scripts), files will never need to be nested more than three layers deep, and script-based rendering solved my snippet problem.

21st November 2022

A list of other people's idea lists

Project Ideas - Software-related product ideas with "reasonable" scope, from Justin Duke

Startup Ideas - I'm not sure if Gwern is being completely serious here, but these do seem fun.

19th November 2022