My Inventions

Ideas and implementations that I arrived at independently. Since it is impossible to claim true novelty, I can only make a softer claim of newness: when I came up with these things, I hadn’t seen them before.

A foolproof method for hand-based fly-killing

Sneak up to the fly, and smash your palms together around 3 inches above the fly. It will fly right into your hands.

When: Sometime in middle school

Horizontal table of contents

Viewable at nickarner.com/book. Saves lots of space for long ToCs in a single-column layout while still providing a navigable summary of the post.

When: August 2023

Monthly shareholder letters to friends

Write the most official-sounding monthly update possible. Add stats and figures and challenges. Anybody invested in you in any way deserves a shareholder letter.

When: June 2024

Font-switcher for a personal website

As seen in the top-left corner of this site.

When: January 2024