Crimes of Fashion

If your page is meant to be read, I am begging you to make it readable. Books don’t have text that fades in, panels that slide in from the side, or (worst of all) scroll-jacked navigation. Books are readable. If you have no good ideas to add, just copy the page, you really can’t go wrong.

Part of the blame lies at the feet of fancy tools. People are going to use the features you give them, it’s just how things go.

Webflow has buttons to add effects. It’s easy to add effects. Effects will be added, because there’s a button to add them. Everything for the next few years will slowly fade in as you scroll. I don’t know why. Stripe did it. Tom Macwright, “The Return of Fancy Tools”

You can make fade-ins mean something again.

What you can do…

So, you design webpages.

You’d like to not be one of the people making the web a worse place, you’d like to make stuff that works and is fun to use.

If you think I’m guilty of one of these, let me know. If you’re right, I will thank you and probably add you to a list of people to seek feedback from in the future. If you’re just being pedantic, I will refuse to take you seriously.