I continue to belive that employers want to hire people who are useful, and the way to get hired is to therefore demonstrate “usefulness”. And that this is true for both a traditional job, and more flexible arrangements.

Advice to Young Grads

There are like, two separate job markets.

The first one is legible, and operates through a “fair” system of applications and filtering processes. Good companies don’t want to make hiring mistakes because one bad apple can bring down a whole team. Bad companies make hiring mistakes, and pay falls to the level of the average employee.

From Visa:

Me, aged 17: how can you trust employers? the economy? Everything is built on lies and manipulation

Friend: lol chill out you conspiracy nerd

12 years later

Friend: I got fired, haven’t paid off my student loans, and people tell me to code

Me: deep breath I’m so sorry


pricing for “trust me”

After a certain point, a large part of your fee becomes this thing I call the “I know what I’m doing” fee. People are choosing to pay you so they don’t have to second-guess thier decision.


My primary reason for not having a regular job is that I consider my time to be worth way more than any sane person would pay for it. This isn’t because I spend it in ways that are particularly better to working a job, but because I have a ridiculously low tolerance for things I don’t feel like doing.

The second reason is that I do not get along with most company cultures (or people) in my home country.


Freelancing Tactics