On Software Minimalism

I’ve spoken to people who built React apps for a living, and people whose first foray into building websites was “create-react-app”. Every single one of them has told me that going back to plain HTML was “refreshing”.

I don’t ever come back to a project and wonder which of the dozen steps in my app’s build process broke. There is no build process.

It’s simple. I don’t have a wi-fi network. I work on a combination of mobile hotspots and SIM. When I download stuff, things are often slow. If your app is a pile of React and client-rendered data, I often have to stare at screens like this.

Of course, you can render React on the server, you can add a dozen different optimizations that get it to load in.

All my web apps are Node-based servers. If they’re on a dedicated server, they’re managed with the PM2 process manager. I currently run three different apps on one droplet.

I’ve never had to build an app large or complex enough that component-level code-splitting became a necessity. If I did, I would probably use Svelte.