I need to overwhelm myself with responsibilities.


This is the plan for the next 4 months.

Pure product grindset, and then blissful retirement.

Okay, not really. I’ll have to find clients again after that because I have bills to pay. But at least I’ll be working on websites instead of full-blown apps.


Removed the Notes pages, because I don’t think I’m ever going to actually take any notes worth sharing. And if I have enough knowledge about a particular topic, I should just write a book.


Cleaned out this site of all the incomplete pages, seriously considering a more focused design.

“And if they are asked, few tell the truth. When a person is in front of someone they can sense doesn’t have ears to hear or eyes to see (and we are really good at that), they instinctively cover up and protect themselves from sharing anything personal and meaningful because they know it won’t be treated with due reverence.”

The one truly good (and incredibly obvious) idea I’ve had so far while designing this new version of my site: information density should scale with screen size.

I care about offline-first because I’ve lived with shitty networks all my life. I care about fast apps because I prefer to not hate my computer. I like apps that do one thing well because my needs are few. I hate phone screens because they’re reminders of how stunted the average person’s experience with computers is.

Streams is officially the best thing I’ve made for the internet. Pity it’s only limited to Telegram users though.

I’m going to add some kind of links/bookmarks section to this site. Should it be it’s own page, or a sidebar on this one?

How do you balance “algorithms to accommodate asynchrony, not always-on engagement” with the fact that the best interactions happen in real-time?

The really hard bits of productivity (planning, intensity control, quitting) get way too little attention relative to how important they are. The default is to just sloppily drag yourself forward.

Found these absolutely perfect box-shadows from Jen’s lab.

box-shadow: 0px 1px 3px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4);

Almost two years after writing my first JavaScript function, I’ve finally learnt to use HTML form elements.

In other news, WOFFER is now live.

Edit: nvm it’s down because replit messed up.

Well, the Streams beta is done. That’s one project down, 5 to go.

An underrated fact of picking a good design system is that working within (and around) it just feels so right. You no longer have to second-guess the structure of new components and can let most decisions be made by the fundamental system.

This is what work-in-progress looks like.  


Think I should just accept that I want to ship a bunch of code right now, and get it over with. Six projects in a month will be intense, but doable.

Working on a new site design for Shreeda, and thinking about what goes into a personal website. High-level categories seem to be:

  • things I am
  • things I do
  • things I like

Setting up my stream…

It’s nice to have markdown working in here, as well as HTML elements. Grateful for unsafe mode.

Funny how I seriously considered a captain’s log layout as the design for this section.